Weapons Inc.

Build your own Arms Business!

In a realm of dungeons and magic, where any person you meet can and probably is an adventurer, there is a growing demand for weapons as more of the world is explored. A company known as Weapons Inc. is offering a savvy venture contract, where you and some of your friends can open up brand new weapon shops in a new land rich with adventure!

Invest in your town!

You’ll have to attract as many adventurers to your stores as you can, can’t sell weapons without customers. You should cater to your target demographic, entice them with new buildings like inns and taverns, increasing your advertisement! Build your surroundings to become the esteemed Oligopoly Weapons Inc. knows you can be!

Upgrade your business!

Purchase upgrades to heighten your ability. Use actions and items to get an edge on the competition. Attempt to get all the Legendary Items you can find, and you’ll be renowned throughout the lands. And of course, sell as many weapons as you can!

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