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It's 3:00 a.m. Your neighbors are having a loud party. Stop them.

Now I don’t buy games often because I generally can’t afford to but I saw Party Hard available along with some DLC on Steam for a grand total of $1.27, I couldn’t pass that up. The game is a stealth/strategy/action game that uses somewhat decent pixel art. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I’m in love with the soundtrack. I’m going to forgo explaining the plot or basic premise, if you want to learn about that you can visit its Steam page.

How I got to find out about Party Hard

I first played the game at my friend’s house on his Switch. Three of us kept passing the controller around each time we died because we had a hard time passing each level. We only got to the 2nd level before we called quits, but I was enamored by the slow paced, meticulous planning that went into winning each level.

After I bought the game, I had completed all the original levels within a week. I found it easier to plug in my Xbox One controller & play from there. The pacing of Party Hard can range from relaxing back in your chair to suddenly lurching up when you’re close to dying or being caught.

I usually play music on Youtube in the background while I play single player games because I’m “that guy”, but Party Hard’s soundtrack is a work of art, it never really got old. You may be stuck trying to complete a single level during a whole game session but the music itself makes it worth it.

Click the image above to hear my favorite song from Party Hard!

As for gameplay, towards the end of the main levels I didn’t feel a lot changing in the game besides the map itself, the traps you can set will remain somewhat static & the gameplay will be just like that. When the police arrive to arrest you it’s a bit funny, if you plan a long enough path to put the cop on the run, he’ll simply give up & run away. There came a point where I wasn’t scared of the police being called because I had a path in mind in which to tire him out. When your main source of punishment becomes boring, you’ve got a problem. 

Still, I’ve had my fair share of times being knocked out & dragged into the police cruiser. What I’m saying isn’t horribly bad, just my takeaways from the game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But since I’ve completed the main levels, I haven’t really gone back to it.

The game has a fun story, a surprising twist at the end, and funny voice acting throughout (I’m not sure if this is true but I have the feeling that the voice actors for both characters are the same person).

If you’re in the market for a casual pick up single player game, & if it’s on sale, I suggest you try out Party Hard.

Solid Game Score 7.8/10

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