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A new take on the strategy genre!

Net King’s Call is a blend of Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time Battles! Ever been hit by an unexpected critical hit killing your favorite unit? Tired of fights you can’t completely control? Maybe you want to be part of the action? Well get ready to answer the call because you’ll be able to command your armies in and out of battle!

Fight your own battles: Every battle, you’ll be controlling one unit and commanding the rest. Dodge attacks and return fire to deal as much damage as you can to your enemies in quick 30 second battles!

Create custom squads of soldiers: Put up to three different units in a squad to deploy into battle. Each playable unit has their own stats and abilities which can be synced with their squad to make your army stronger!

Control the battlefield: Move squads of units around the field to take advantage of the terrain, capture buildings, and beat your opponents back!

The Net has changed...

As technology has progressed, so too has the internet! A new virtual world was created where people can live digital lives separate from the physical. People could explore a new world, build cities and shopping centers, and make great profit.

However the entity that held it all together, “The Net King”,  mysteriously died. Upon his death came a single message that traveled throughout the net. A challenge.

“…whoever is valiant enough to reclaim my estates and restore order, shall become the next Net King…”

People and corporations began to search the Grand Network for the Net King’s Castle, but no expedition was successful. Soon there was a power vacuum, factions formed, and war was fought to see who could control this virtual world.

Now filled with viruses and hostile programs, the internet has become too dangerous to use by the common man. Only “Operators” with special rigs can dare to dig through what’s left and create manageable webspace for others who can afford it.

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