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Haven't checked us out on Steam yet? Well...

We’re finally released and ready for purchase! Now you can get a copy of Net King’s Call in your Steam library. Being in Early Access, we’ll be making regular updates to the game and doing what we can to make it the most enjoyable experience it can be. To do that however, we’ll need feedback from real players. You can also download our demo to get a feel for the game’s mechanics before you buy!

Onto the Updates!

We liked how we did our updates last time, so we’re gonna do it again! For Net King’s Call V0.3.5 though, there isn’t really too much in terms of major content additions, but we have added new music, post processing, and critical bug fixes. If you’re more interested in the Update TLDR, scroll down below. You’ll also be able to see the more minor changes we’ve made that don’t exactly warrant a whole section.

New Post Processing

If you’ve been keeping up with us in our Discord community, or played any of the recent builds. You have probably noticed that the world looks a bit different. That’s because it is! Net King’s Call V0.3.5 features new post processing to enhance the visuals of the game and make everything pop. Each map type also comes with its own separate post processing effects, so a grassland may be brighter than a forest, or an islands map may be more sunbaked.

One issue though is that older machines may not run as well with the post processing effects turned on. You can always turn them off though by going to the settings menu and unchecking the box. You should see a slight performance boost then, but it may not be enough. HDR emissions and Shadows can also be toggled in a similar fashion in this menu if you really need to.

New Map Tracks

After a long while, we’ve updated the game with new tracks for the Islands map type and the Mountains map type. Each is very in “theme” to the different areas they’re supposed to represent, with tropical sounds representing the Islands, and heavy percussion for the Mountains.

All credit for these tracks go to our composer Aaron Shandilya, who you can hear more of on SoundCloud!

Update TLDR

+Released the game!

+Added Post Processing.

+Added 2 new tracks, the Mountains and the Islands

+Added more adjustable settings.

+Added new tutorials for Battlefield and Grand Network.

+Added new graphics for scrollbars, meters, etc.

+Updated displays to show more accurate info.

+Fixed character themes being twice as loud as other tracks.

+Enemies now animate when killed on the strategic board.

+Spawn Tiles now cost half a movement point similar to roads.

+Added new Research VFX

+Added new VFX on buildings and on environment objects

+Began work on new in depth help menu, half way done.

+Updated public demo to Net King’s Call V0.3.5 equivalent.


Bug fixes and known bugs

+Fixed bug where enemy squads would be duplicated.

+Fixed bug enemy would move multiple squads at the same time, causing issues occasionally.

+Fixed bug where unit interactions could be used more than once a turn per squad.

+Fixed bug where buildings kept capture points even if a squad moved off of it halfway through capturing.

+Fixed bug where player could begin commands before game started by clicking on units.

+Fixed bug where music would cut out at inappropriate times.


Developer Thoughts:

Thinking of streamlining gameplay

Over the last week we’ve been coming up with ways to get you to the points you want to get to. What does that mean? Basically, there are some people who enjoy the strategic parts more, and some people who enjoy combat more. We want to let players who enjoy those particular sections, get to the parts that makes the game fun to them quicker/easier. Over the last couple months we’ve been doing a better job of it, but there’s always room for improvements. 

One of the bigger issues we see is how we’ve set up the research tree. Currently, it’s set up to support the tutorial and show new players how to research new tech. That’s fine, but for returning players it may slow down their game by a couple turns which can be annoying. We’ll be adjusting accordingly in the future to get you into the action quicker. 

What's Coming Up

Story Implementation

It’s critical at this point that we implement the story of Net King’s Call more than it has been. We’ve been tied up fixing bugs and testing for release to make sure gameplay is solid enough, but this came at the cost of major story elements being in the game. We hope by the next update that we add in more narrative for our players to enjoy and get immersed in.

More Research. More Spells.

Like the last update, we’re always wanting to put in more research and spells. This time we’ve added all the research trees, but need to make more techs to expand them. Spells are in a similar vain.

More Characters. More Units.

We have promises to keep making new characters and definitely need to add more units. There’s at least two units modeled and programmed in that just need rigs and animations to be implemented. We’ll be working around the clock to get those to you ASAP!

VoxPop Games is pretty cool, go check them out

If you haven’t heard of a company called VoxPop Games and are a streamer, game developer, or PC gamer, keep reading. They’re creating a brand new online distribution platform for video games, similar to Steam,, Gamejolt, etc. The goal of this platform is to create a new source of revenue for streamers with a peer to peer model. Streamers and users can promote games, while developers can set aside future gains for these groups in order to get more exposure, helping everyone in the process. Of course the people at VoxPop know better than we do on this subject and you can find them linked below. We’ll be putting up Net King’s Call on VoxPop very soon!

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading through our devlog! If you want to follow and have some influence on our development, you can join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and wishlist/follow us on Steam “Coming Soon” page. A link to our Discord server will be posted below. Feel free to ask us any questions or send us any feedback you may have!

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