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Net King's Call V0.2.4 Public Build Update, we're back on track!

I’m sure everyone can agree that 2020 is going down in history as one of the worst years of our generation, and it sure has been a hectic time for us. But now that we’ve got that sorry excuse out of the way, we’re finally able to roll out Net King’s Call V0.2.4!

For a long time we’ve been struggling to figure out how we would make the game look in terms of lighting and shading, and it’s sort of taken a back seat to fixing up the game’s mechanics and adding new content. In this update though, the biggest changes have been the visuals and the addition of new terrain.

Just to compare the lighting a little bit, we’ll show a few comparisons between both versions of the game. Now we have shadows, a slight blue tint, and overall we’ve removed the “flatness” of the game’s look.


Comparing light between V0.2.4 and V0.2.2


+Added new walking (strategic mission scene) and death (battle scene) animations.

+Added “dissolve”/”delete” effect to dying units in the battle scene.

+Replaced charging effects to units in the battle scene to reduce clutter and improve visual feedback

+Added new lighting.

+Began adding new UI elements/assets.

+Added “Mountain” and “Forest” tile type.

+Added Forest and Mountain Territories.

+Changed map generation to add more buildings, mountains, forests, etc.

+Territory Tiles are now shown as “Fog” in their illustration when not scouted.

+Territory Tiles now change their illustration when scouted.


Bug fixes and known bugs

+Fixed bug when targeting units in the battle scene, tiles would highlight without a valid target.

+Fixed bug when the player dies, they could not switch to a different support unit.

-Enemies will very occasionally become immortal in battle (this is probably due to the new animations)

-Swordsman occasionally gets stuck while charge attacking on the other side of the field. Only returns if it is able to slash again.

-The player can “capture” buildings they already own, but this doesn’t do anything when captured again.


Current Gameplay Preview

Developer Thoughts:

On Maps

Currently in our Overworld, territories generate 18×18 tile maps (that’s around 320 or so tiles total!) which take a bit to traverse. While in the future it would be nice to fight on large battlefields, at our current state we’re thinking of reducing the size of these maps to something slightly larger than our current demo. We’ll possibly even make this part of our progression where players will start the game going to small territories, which will scale with the player’s progress.


In our efforts to update our visuals, UI is on the top of our priorities list to get straightened out. Our old grey UI panels may have “worked” but we’re not truly fitting in with our goals. In short, it’s very generic, possibly uninteresting. In our latest efforts for Net King’s Call V0.2.4, we’ve given a makeover to the UI in the strategic mission scene, under the idea that all UI assets must be unique and custom fit. While this is more time consuming, we believe it will make for a more unified and unique look. Here’s a quick look at our mission scene to show the new assets:

What's Coming Up

Environments to affect Combat

At the moment when squads fight, the game brings to the same battlefield over and over again. While it’s a nice looking field, we are planning on having the tiles the units are standing on affect the battles. For example if both squads are standing on grass fields, the battlefield will be covered in grass. Alternatively, if one side is standing on rocks, there will be rocky obstacles which prevent units from standing on the tile and projectiles getting through. This way we can shake up combat and add more strategic thought to where you fight your battles.

Animated Cinematic and Kickstarter

We currently have a new cinematic in the works which will act as one of the promotional trailers for Net King’s Call. This trailer will mostly be doing world building, and should show our vision for what this game can become. Currently, we’re scheduled to finish this mid-late July, and we’re excited to show you the final product. 

Shorter Tutorial

Playing through our tutorial these past couple months, we’re beginning to realize that it’s very invasive and annoying. When people play games they usually want to get to the game as soon as possible. Being bogged down by menus and dialogue is not the experience you came for. In order to get players to the game faster, we’ll be shortening up the tutorial dialogue into smaller snippets (or maybe just a skip button will do?)

VoxPop Games

If you haven’t heard of a company called VoxPop Games and are a streamer, game developer, or PC gamer, keep reading. They’re creating a brand new online distribution platform for video games, similar to Steam,, Gamejolt, etc. The goal of this platform is to create a new source of revenue for streamers with a peer to peer model. Streamers and users can promote games, while developers can set aside future gains for these groups in order to get more exposure, helping everyone in the process. Of course the people at VoxPop know better than we do on this subject and you can find them linked below. We’ll be putting up our free demo on VoxPop when they launch!

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading through our devlog! We hope you enjoyed playing Net King’s Call V0.2.2, and if you haven’t tried it yet you can download this build on our page (which we’ll link below). Also, if you want to follow our development (and some dev-venting*), you can join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list. A link to our Discord server will be posted below, and feel free to ask us any questions or send us any feedback you may have!

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