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Net King's Call Public Build Update V0.1.9, new Overworld, new Characters!

Up until this point, we’ve focused a lot of our development on the “Strategic/Mission” gameplay, and the battle gameplay. Now that we’re feeling comfortable with how those two layers are working, it’s time we start working more on the “Overworld” or “Grand Net” (we’ll figure out our final name later). This stage of the game will focus on grand-strategy where you (the player) get to upgrade yourself, plan your attacks, and manage your empire.

Basic Overworld Gameplay
The Overworld in all of its placeholder glory. The top bar shows off resources, while territory squares spawn for yourr conquests!


+Added the Overworld to the demo, (click on “Start Full” in the title screen options).

+Added Tutorial Dialogue, with some of our main characters to guide your through.


Bug fixes and known bugs

+Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would be able to select a new commander/player character when they died.

+Fixed a bug where Overworld territories would not spawn after conquering. (Hence why it’s available now).

-There’s a known pathing issues when playing on maps where buildings are separated on islands, with NPC units trying to get to them (but they can’t because they can’t cross water or empty tiles).

-There’s a bug in the Overworld where units in the processing queue will not show their appropriate turns before being finished.

Current Gameplay Preview (Special thanks to TeamBN)

Developer Thoughts:

On the TeamBN

Last weekend we were able to stream with a Megaman Battle Network focused community, known as Team BN. If you didn’t know them, they’re a very dedicated group of people that host streams/create videos on speedruns, races, and battle tournaments, focusing on Megaman Battle Network. We’re very grateful for being able to stream with them (twice now) and we hope to be able to get more of their feedback on Net King’s Call in the future.

If you want to see more of their content, you can check out their Twitch and Youtube linked here:



On the Overworld

After fixing some bugs, we were finally able to get it to a state where we can conquer multiple territories within the same the run. Most of the systems are in, but may not be accessible in the current public demo. What you can try out though, is the “Processing System”!

The way resource management works in Net King’s Call is a bit simplified. All territories produce a certain amount of “Processing Power”, which can then be converted into other resources. This allows players to be more adaptable, switching up their resources created per turn through a simple menu. If you want more currency to purchase favor with another faction, you can convert the Processing Power into Net Coins per turn to build up a fortune. If you have important research that needs to be completed, you can focus your points into that. Or if you’re at war and need more soldiers, you can forgo everything into unit generation.

If you’ve played the demo before, you can also try out new maps, and test our different combinations of units not available before. A full squad of Archers or Swordsman can be yours in the new Overworld build.

We hope that you enjoy playing the new Overworld, and if there’s any issues, please let us know on our discord server, or through the comments on this post.

Net King's Call V0.1.9 Processing Screen Screenshot

On the Tutorial

At the moment, our writer is getting a feel for how our characters speak and our tutorial is just starting to be properly designed. While that’s not really an excuse for any of the problems it currently has, we just want to clarify that we’ll continue to work on it.

What's Coming Up

Visual Updates

I know we’ve been saying this for the past few devlogs, but with the Corona virus going around its been harder to get together to work (we’ve been practicing social distancing!). On top of that, our artist is currently not feeling well (totally unrelated to the current pandemic though, thankfully). We hope that he has a speedy recovery, and that we can continue our work at a reliable rate. Until then, some terrain will have to wait until later.

Strategic "Commands"

Now that we’ve added the Overworld and polished up the Strategic gameplay, we can now begin to add in the Command System. We hope to have one or two commands by the next build. Most likely, this will involve a rain of arrows and perhaps a healing spell. Keep up to date with us on Twitter, as we’ll probably report this system’s progress there.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading through our devlog! If you’re interested in Net King’s Call, you can download this build on our page (which we’ll link below). Also, if you want to follow our development, you can join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list. A link to our Discord server will be posted below, and feel free to ask us any questions or send us any feedback you may have!

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