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Net King's Call Public Build Update V0.1.8, we fixed (some of) the bugs!

After weeks of bug fixing Net King’s Call, the programmer boldly states that “They’re gone…” When asked what’s gone, he replied “The bugs… are back…”

Hope you enjoyed the programmer level photoshop skills, if you don’t get this obscure “The Onion” reference you can check it out here:

This update we’ve fixed a bunch of issues from the previous V0.1.7 of Net King’s Call, and have been adding in a couple new features to test.

Net King's Call V0.1.8 Strategic Map Screenshot


+Added new tile terrain objects (for now, two variations of rock), expect to see more scenery soon!

+Added new tile hovering effect, making the hovered tile light up.

+Added new “Slow Motion” or “Slowed Time” effect after fully charging your attack/ability in the battle scene, which lasts for 1 second. More information on this in our Developer Thoughts.


Bug fixes and known bugs

+Fixed a pathing issue where enemy units would sometimes soft-lock the game when they couldn’t find a path to their target. More testing will have to be done in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen in other cases.

+Fixed a bug where the Swordsman would turn invisible for an extended period of time after charging their attack and taking damage as the player.

+Fixed a bug where the Player would be able to pick multiple characters in the Battle scene to play as on death.

+Fixed a bug where picking another unit to play as in the Battle scene would cause the player to select that unit for commands, and break the pause effect.

+Fixed a bug where tiles would still be highlighted even if the mouse was not hovering over it.

-There’s a bug where the Plague Doctor will refuse to heal any other units (goes back to Skirmish mode) if a teammate has died in the battle. On a new battle the Plague Doctor will be able to heal again.

Current Gameplay Preview

Developer Thoughts:

On "Time-Slow"

So sometime during this week, our lead artist, Jeffrey, had suggested to throw in a slow motion effect after charging up a unit’s ability to help manage the fast pace of the battles. One train ride later, we were able to throw that feature in pretty easily, and it works pretty well all things considered. While it does make the game a bit easier (duh, that was the intention), it does feel good being able to line up your shots in slowed time!

What's Coming Up

Visual Updates

Now that we have a system for adding in terrain on tiles, we’ll be adding in new terrain like trees and grass in the following update. We’ll also be making sure that the terrain saves exactly as it was generated between scenes. Later down the line, we’ll also be seeing how the Strategic map terrain changes the board in battle.

Strategic "Commands"

We’ve been thinking of a way to add more depth and complexity to the Strategic/Advance Wars like gameplay, and we had a nifty little idea come up. We’ll be adding in a way to call in special “commands” using a point system called MBPS (or Megabytes Per Second). This system will allow the player (and enemy AI) to call in a shower of arrows, falling rocks that block tiles, or heals for their team. We’ll hopefully have something for update 0.1.9, but it may have to wait until after that.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading through our devlog! If you’re interested in Net King’s Call, you can download this build on our page (which we’ll link below). Also, if you want to follow our development, you can join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list. A link to our Discord server will be posted below, and feel free to ask us any questions or send us any feedback you may have!

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