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Net King's Call Public Build Update V0.1.7, our first devlog!

So we’ve finally got around to putting up a new blog post about Net King’s Call after some time! A lot has happened since we’ve started a whole year ago, and we thought it’d be a good time to talk about what’s in the game, what’s been fixed, things that have been removed, and what we’ll be working on in the future. Our devlogs will be formatted so that all basic info is the first thing you see, with more comments and thoughts afterwords.

Also, if you haven’t seen our web-page for Net King’s Call, we highly recommend you check it out here.

Major Updates

Added new unit, the Plague Doctor

Health: 40

Basic Attack: 5 tile range, indirect potion throw which deals 5 damage on hit and 10 tick damage over time.

Charged Ability: Heals 10 damage on an ally 1 tile in front of the Plague Doctor

Removed unit, the Guard

The core concept behind this unit was nice, a unit that could deflect attacks and send them back. However there were some problems with the gameplay when fighting against this unit by itself, or even worse, in the unfortunate situation when both sides only had Guards. It has been removed and we’ll be talking about our thoughts for its replacement later on in the devlog.


Minor Updates

+Added idle animations to the characters on the strategic/mission map.

+Added a new/temporary floating selector above selected units and camera movement that follows the selected moving unit (to help players understand what’s going on in a turn).

+Added new animations and sounds for units in the battle scene.

+Added a ranking system at the end of battles that result in a wipe of the enemy team. Currently they take into account how many battles it has taken the player to defeat the enemy unit, as well as how many units the enemy unit has destroyed. There’s also a new victory track to accompany it!

+Added the ability to pick a new commander to player as in the battle scene if your original commander dies. This allows the player to always be playing the game, instead of dying and waiting some time before they returned to the strategic map.

+Added a credits scene so that you can know who’s working to create Net King’s Call

+Changed some of the textures of the tiles, we’ll be updating them again later.

+Changed the UI to be more sleek and stylized

+Changed the UI layout of the strategic and battle scenes to hopefully be more intuitive for the player. The squad actions in the strategic scene are now above the squad’s stats/profile.

Bug fixes and known bugs

+Fixed a bug where if the player moved their units and did not attack a clump of enemy AI units, the enemy AI would freeze if the backline units are targeting player units. 

-There’s a bug when the player commander dies, the player cannot select their new commander with keyboard keys, they must click the unit they want to play as.

-There’s a bug where the Plague Doctor will refuse to heal any other units (goes back to Skirmish mode) if a teammate has died in the battle. On a new battle the Plague Doctor will be able to heal again.

-There’s a minor bug where the Swordsman’s model will become invisible if they take damage while doing an slash attack. This resolves itself if they take damage again.

-There’s a minor bug where the tiles that the player’s units are standing on in the strategic map will be highlighted even after being deselected. Hovering over the unit and then moving your mouse off the unit resolves the issue.

Current Gameplay Preview

Developer Thoughts:

On Builds and Demos

It’s been quite a while since we’ve put up a new build, we were getting quite anxious to finally put something out there. One of the biggest things that have been holding us back is the urge to make the build perfect before we upload it. Of course, nothing is perfect, and if you’ve read the known bug list you know that Net King’s Call isn’t perfect… yet!

Joking aside, our team is looking to get over that mindset and put out regular builds from now on. We were thinking to do builds every two weeks, that way we can regularly get feedback from real players and add a little more incentive and motivation to our development. Starting today, we’ll be striving to get a build out on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month!


On the MassDiGI 2020 Game Challenge

Alright so this is the part where we shill ourselves and our accomplishments for a little bit. Some of you might know we recently went to a competition with Net King’s Call and Weapons Inc., and that both games placed as finalists in their respective categories (Net King’s Call entering as College Alpha, and Weapons Inc. entering as College Beta). What’s even better is that after pitching Net King’s Call, we came in as the runner up/2nd place for the College Alpha category! We’re very proud to say Net King’s Call is an award winning game, and we hope to continue accomplishing great things in the future.

On Our Units

Currently we have three playable and commandable units in the game; The Swordsman, Archer, and Plague Doctor. Our first two units were pretty basic in concept, one smacks whatever is in front for high damage, while the other shoots a projectile down the field. Both are pretty reliable damage dealers and should be familiar to players who have had their hands on any of the Battle Network games.

However, some of you might remember that we had a unit named the Guard whose core concept was to reflect attacks and send them back towards their owner. This unit lead to a fun and interesting style of play, where the player would be the shield that tanks for their support units or visa versa. But we did find that it was boring to play against, especially if there was only one of them on the enemy’s field, or worse, if the player was the only Guard on the field and there were no Archers/Gunners. For the time being we’ve removed this unit and replaced it with the Plague Doctor to fill in that “support-style” role.

In the future though, we do want to bring the Guard back as some form of “monstrous” unit styled on fantasy creatures. We’re currently thinking of turning it into a mimic-like creature that would “eat” incoming attacks and spit them back out. The issue right now though is figuring out what it would do as an alternative form of attack, as that was what was dragging down the Guard. One of the rules we’ve set up designing these units is that all of them must be able to perform an attack of some sort that can hit targets reliably. This way we can’t run into issues where battles are running/dodging games that force players to wait until they have a unit that can fight. Until then, this concept will be locked in the vault.

What's Coming Up

New Playable Unit

We’ll be starting production on a new unit to add to our roster of characters! Our most likely candidate for a new unit is going to be the Bishop, which we’ve shown off before on twitter, but have not modeled yet.

Visual Updates

For a while we have been back and forth on what the game should look like, from the shape of the characters, to the tiles and shaders. We’re going to be rolling out some new visual updates (yet again) to try and hammer down what we want this game to look like. These updates include terrain such as rocks and hills, as well as new variants on tiles to keep the field from looking too samey. The visual effects in battles will also be getting an adjustment, but we can’t quite show those off yet.

Narrative Updates

Saving the best for last, we have a new dialogue system and a cast of characters that we’ll be implementing into the game that will help flesh out the story of Net King’s Call. These characters are the humans that operate the digital empires of the net, and they’ll serve as friend and foe. You’ll soon be able to meet a couple of them as they are implemented into a refined tutorial for the demo. Here’s quick preview of what it currently looks like!

Net Kings Call Narrative

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading through our devlog! We’ll be trying to get one of these out every week, though it probably won’t be as long as this. If you’re interested in Net King’s Call, you can download this build on our page (which we’ll link below). Also, if you want to follow our development, you can join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list. A link to our Discord server will be posted below, and feel free to ask us any questions or send us any feedback you may have!

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