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The great folks at Longplay Games & IndieImprint created GYATM Dragon Edition. Now…I am an absolute sucker for anything related to space, especially space games! Elite Dangerous, EVE, KSP, Space Engineers, you name it! GYATM takes a unique approach to the saturated space game market by placing you on Mars & making you heavily reliant on resources. There are no aliens, no enemies, just loneliness, you, your AI hoverdrone and a limited supply of everything.

Mission Objective.

Your colony ship has arrived & is now parked in orbit around Mars. You and your AI hoverdrone Boson must now secure the terrain below with the necessary infrastructure for the colony ship to arrive. You will construct mines, air wells, power plants & plenty of other buildings across two landing zones. Be careful, you cannot stray from your life support systems for too long without dying from a lack of Oxygen. Construct the necessary buildings and eventually you will receive one of the multiple endings. Yes! Multiple Endings!

The Controls.

Standard WASD to move, Space to jump, Mouse to click. All the controls snap back intuitively & without lag. Approach an ore deposit to start mining by hand. Once you’re ready to construct buildings, wander off from existing structures until the building tab is ready, & create your structures.

The Music!

One of the key highlights I found of this game is the music. I love it! Some ethereal parts could make me scared, others had me jamming out and bobbing my head while I sat in my chair. It would be great if the developers uploaded the music separately onto Youtube!

Watch my personal gameplay below! (My Second Death)

My Thoughts.

From the graphics of the initial intro & with the idea of multiple endings, I can’t help but draw similarities to the Stanley Parable.

GYATM started out as a project for the studios to see how they would make a space game together & for what it is, it’s awesome! I had a lot of fun watching the game’s cinematics, using the hovercopter to travel, jumping around Mars & creating all the unique buildings to win.

In my free time I will definitely be going back to Mars & seeing if I can get each ending.

Is it worth the $4.99 price tag? I would say so! Why? Because you’ll be helping enable the studio to work on their next big project, Smugglers of Cygnus! SoC is a game I am VERY excited to play!

Better yet, I had a chance to  speak to the developers & they have confirmed that there are plans to create a follow-up to GYATM in the future. Stay tuned for more information on this by following their Twitter & revisiting this post when SoC is launched.

Solid Game Score 6.9/10


Smugglers of Cygnus Teaser!

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