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I’m not saying this new virus will be gone by April, but there’s quite a few conspiracy theorists worldwide that really believe this will all be over & done with by April. Why are they saying that? Does their claim have any solid backing?

Where does this claim come from?

If you haven’t heard of the “book that predicted the virus” it’s okay. Here’s an image of the exact part that these claims are based from.

The author of the book, Sylvia Browne passed away in 2013, leaving many to speculate on whether this was a true prediction or a lucky guess. Considering that the SARS epidemic was before Browne released this book, it’s safe to say that SARS had a key contributing factor to Browne’s prediction.

But can the new virus really just disappear like the book claims? The short answer is… no, there’s a reason why. The “R Naught” also known as the basic reproduction number is the rate of infectivity of any illness. Covid-19 has a high rate of infectivity, while not severe for many, this means that it can rapidly spread through a population like you see in today’s times.

Many first world countries are failing to hinder or slow down the rate of infection & for Browne’s claims to become true & for Covid-19 to “suddenly vanish” it would take a monumental effort of social distancing, larger than we’re currently pursuing. It may just be that Browne threw darts into a dark hallway & one of her claims hit something. 

Unfortunately this does not mean that we’ll be lucky enough to have this problem miraculously disappear. But what can we do as individuals to help hinder the spread of this new virus? 

The most effective effort is to truly maintain a social distance, this means no hangout with close friends, no going out to populated areas unless absolutely necessary, remaining strict with personal hygiene standards & maintaining a constant flow of information on the current position the world is in. Keep yourself informed, keep yourself safe, if you’re not scared of contracting the virus, know that it affects everyone & can leave permanent tissue scarring. If not for yourself, maintain vigilance for those you love.

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