Your dad needs help!

To save that dad-bod, you’ll need to…

  • Travel the lands and explore the world 
  • Make friends with the locals, sometimes with money
  • Increase your stats by fighting and leveling up
  • Help others and solve the land’s problems

More about Beraltors...

If “Crazy” was downloadable, it’d be very similar to this. The game is a quirky, story-driven Metroidvania with a focus on collecting magical monsters known Beraltors. As you use these monsters, they’ll level up and gain new abilities, helping you in your quest to save your dad!

Here’s a quick summary of what you should expect to find in Beraltors:

  • 60+ different playable monsters, each with their own types, strengths, and abilities
  • 8 unique worlds to explore
  • A deep narrative that you can dive into at your own pace
  • A zany art style that you’ll find no where else
  • Stat building and customization
  • Huge boss battles
  • Local Co-op and Gamepad support
  • Around 20 hours of gluten-free gameplay

Beraltors is an indie passion project made by one absolute mad man named Rory Evenson-Phair. For 4 years, he built this game from scratch doing all of the programming, art and design! After all the blood, sweat, and tears it finally made its way to the Steam store.

Do you need a new, fresh art style that you’ll never find in any other game? Try playing Beraltors. Are you looking for a new take on the Metroidvania genre? Look no further, play Beraltors.  If you just want to mess around and see some crazy stuff, pick up the controller and start playing Beraltors. It’s a real trip for the whole family.

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