About Greystone Games


Our Mission

To create interactive experiences for our players to immerse themselves in, with the combined vision and dedication of our team.

Our Story

Our journey began in September of 2016, when Kevin Kershaw had the idea of creating a card game, known today as Weapons Inc. The game was worked on throughout Kevin’s time as a biology student while attending University. Early on, Kevin asked his long time friend, Max Thind, to help with the business side of making a card game. In the Fall of 2017 Max asked his startup partner Dante Novoa to aid in the marketing of Weapons Inc. Soon after, they had launched their first Kickstarter. The Kickstarter’s launch & subsequent failure taught these friends some hard lessons about this new field they had joined. Armed with the newfound knowledge they were given, they sought out ways to improve their work. The following Fall of 2018, Max was approached by another long time friend, Anthony Woo, who was studying interactive media & design, focusing on game development. Anthony and Jeffrey Lopera had an idea for a hybrid strategy game, which took inspiration from classic strategy titles. This game came to be known as Net King’s Call. 

In 2019 we stepped up our game & attended as many events as we could in order to meet real players, obtain real feedback & make a name for ourselves. The team proceeded to compete in the Mass Digi Pitch Competition 2020, where Weapons Inc. & Net King’s Call not only made it to the finalist round, they both won awards. The team is now well on its way for the launch of both Weapons Inc. & Net King’s Call in the near future.

We plan on making games for years to come, sharing our vision of worlds for our players to explore and immerse themselves in. At heart we are Greystone Games, the home of solid games.

Who is Greystone Games?

Co-founder/Developer - Kevin Kershaw

Co-founder/Corporate - Dante Novoa

Lead Artist/3D Artist - Jeffrey Lopera

Composer/SFX - Chris Heins

Anthony Woo Headshot

Co-founder/Developer - Anthony Woo

Co-founder/Corporate - Max Thind

Writer/Developer - Connor Ryan

Composer - Aaron Shandilya